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Chitose-shi, Hokkaidō, 066-0068

0123 29 3410

The Bird Watching cafe is situated close to the Chitose river. From the cafe you can view the forest and all the birds and animals that live in the area. The cafe also has a purpose built bird hide from which you can photograph the animals at close range. 

We serve a variety of hot sandwiches and sweets with coffee, tea, cold drinks, beer and wine. 

Also housed in the same building is the Tadashi Shimada Nature photo gallery showcasing his work as a photographer of birds both locally in Hokkaido and other international works.


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Happy New Year!!

Aaron Kemp








Today is the last open day for the year! 

Thank you to all our customersfor all your support through the year. It was great to meet and talk to people that visited our cafe. We look forward to seeing you again in 2017!! 

Have a Happy New Year everyone!  


Notice of Business hours

Closing December 30th Friday 4pm until 10th of Jan 2017

Reopening Wednesday Jan 11th - 15 th(10am -4pm) 

Normal hours (10-5pm) from Wednesday 18th Jan

嶋田忠『カムイの夜 シマフクロウ』展がはじまりました。

Aaron Kemp

嶋田忠『カムイの夜 シマフクロウ』展がはじまりました。


NEW EXHIBITION!  Tadashi Shimada: Blakiston's Owl 

A typical Blakiston’s fish owl measures about 70 cm. Its wing span is almost 1.8 m. It is the largest living species of owls in the world. In addition to Japan, Blakiston’s fish owls can be found in north-eastern China and Ussuri, Amur, Sakhalin and south Kurile regions of Russia. In Japan, Blakiston’s fish owls are found only in Hokkaido. They used to inhabit all parts of Hokkaido, but presently, only a small number of them are known to be living in limited areas on the eastern part of Hokkaido. 

It is estimated that about 140 are living in Hokkaido today, but nobody knows the true status. They are the species of bird most threatened with possible extinction in Japan. 


Aaron Kemp





最優秀賞  坂本千恵子 江別市 『魅せられて』


  優秀賞  澤田實   札幌市 『バトル』

       本間則之  札幌市 『NEAR MISS』


  入 選  菅原隆志  札幌市 『バンザイ』

       田中まゆみ 千歳市 『これはマリモ? それともメジロ?』

       原口泰一  千歳市 『狙う目』

       松岡敏子  札幌市 『ゴジュウカラ』

       王 杉   千歳市 『カフェに訪れた恋の季節』


  佳 作  石田哲也  札幌市  上田米作  札幌市

       鵜沢ルリ  札幌市  大熊弘一  札幌市

       大熊由紀  札幌市  神尾チサ  札幌市

       工藤由里子 札幌市  小林 敦  札幌市

       斎藤博久  札幌市  佐藤静枝  札幌市

       下田一義  三重県  下田友美  三重県

       高岡文子  札幌市  辰巳研一  札幌市

       土井めぐみ 札幌市  田中康夫  恵庭市

       田伏美穂  札幌市  中居 結  札幌市

       長岡秀文  札幌市  林 純子  岩見沢市

       樋口克予  恵庭市  藤重正人  札幌市

       本間詩織  札幌市  宮下和之  千歳市

       本橋邦江  札幌市  森智佳子  札幌市

       森垣哲充  札幌市  森本 学  江別市

       柳谷明伸  札幌市  渡辺ヒデ子 北広島市


       石橋幸之助 千歳市  佐々木嶺成 札幌市

Dusky Thrush、Jungle Crows and other goings on at the cafe ツグミやシメがカフェの庭に来る季節…

Aaron Kemp

A long time between posts. Winter is slowly coming to a close and we havent had as much snow as last year but in the last few weeks its been coming down again.  Over the last few weeks we have had a few new visitors including the Hawfinch which though few at the moment will increase in great numbers over the next month. 


Regarding food, the lunch menu has changed a little. As part of the lunch set we have introduced french fries and have dropped the soup. Fries are also available separately. We also have a winter special sandwich .. the hotdog hot sandwich... herb sausage with a sharp cheddar and sweet fried onion. 

Early this week I spotted one Dusty Thrush ツグミ。Again as we head into spring more of them should visit. 

One frequent visitor to the cafe, though not when people are around is a single Large Billed crow aka Jungle Crow, ハシブトガラス。These guys, though not a "popular" or "cute" bird in Japan interest me a lot due to their intelligence. They are the smartest birds, their brain to body mass ratio equal to great apes and only slightly lower than humans. This particular crow, wary of humans wont come while people are here. It's aware of me even when Im in the hide and supposedly camouflaged so I've only managed to get long shots of it. To me its as beautiful as any other bird even if it is regarded as somewhat of a pest here in Japan. 

Ive added a couple of favourite shots of other birds taken this week including the Brow eared Bulbul ヒヨドリ and great spotted woodpecker アカゲラ。

Jan 13th-17th weekly Summary.

Aaron Kemp

This week at the cafe has seen a number of new bird sightings. Throughout the week we have seen the very cute Long tailed-tit though it tends to stayin the higher branches of the trees so can be difficult to spot. Also seen on a daily basis is the grey headed woodpecker and occasionally the White-backed wood pecker. 



We had a lucky sighting of the Black woodpecker though I wasn’t able to get a shot ,a customer was able to get a quick couple of shots before it flew on.




Its been a while since we have updated the list of birds and animals which visit the cafe. Here is a list of all the current bird /animal sightings. 


Aaron Kemp









HOTサンドに新しい種類が加わりました!シェフズ スペシャル ALL IN ONEサンドです!ボリューム満点の一品。『今日はすごくお腹が空いてるな〜』という方にはぴったり!!どうぞお試しください!また、目玉焼きをお好きなHOTサンドに+100円で追加することができます、こちらもお試しください!


FOODのご利用時間を一部変更させていただきます。11時より単品、ランチ共にオーダースタート、ランチ14時、単品16時をラストオーダーとさせていただきます。DRINK & DESSERTは10時〜16時半で承ります。


Happy New Year! Jan 6th -10th weekly summary.

Aaron Kemp

Happy New Year! Its the first week open for 2016 for us. Its been a very mild winter here in Chitose with not much snow... yet. Its cold though, so the snow on the ground isn’t melting. I keep on waiting for it to dump down but it hasn't happened yet. 

This year we are going to try and collate the weeks happenings in one english and one Japanese blog entry. This will make it easier for us and maybe better for the reader. Im also going to try and add a weekly summary video as well. 

This strange Rainbow lined cloud appeared over the cafe. I thought it was the uv coat on the window but as you can see from this picture, it is actually real. amazing. 




Over the holidays we changed the menu and finally added an English one as well. The illustrations of the birds were done by our son Kai (aged 6). Anyone familiar with our menu will notice a few changes and additions. Ive added another sandwich to the menu. Its what I call the fat sandwich but is written as "all in one" on the menu. Its something I always make when Im really hungry. Off the bone ham, thick slices of bacon, pickles, gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato and home-made mayonnaise. On top of that you can add a fried egg just in case you need more calories. 

Also spotted this was a rare visitor to the garden, The Eurasian treecreeper 

We were also visited by the author and naturalist Mark Brazil. As a foreigner here with limited Japanese reading ability, the range of books written about wildlife and nature is quite small. Through such works as "Birds of East Asia"  Ive been able to learn about the various species of birds in Japan. Mark was also a columnist for The Japan Times newspaper and has published a collection of his essays in the book The Nature of Japan.These kinds of books can sometimes be very dry but Marks style of writing keeps you interested through well written poetic prose. 

Mark has also published A Pocket Guide to the Common and Iconic Mammals of Japan This bilingual guide, covering 56 of Japan's nearly 200 species of mammals, was designed as an easily portable, laminated pocket guide.

Its also a lot easier than carrying a book and flicking through pages while that bird you were watching disappears...  

Marks Brazil books can be ordered though his website


Aaron Kemp









Aaron Kemp











Aaron Kemp


タイトル『凍る嘴 ・ 厳冬のハンター ヤマセミ』




Pavlova Dessert!

Aaron Kemp

Pavlova is a meringue based dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. It's a cake baked from egg whites and sugar with a crispy outer crust and a soft light marshmallow like texture inside. Most famous in Australia and New Zealand as a dessert eaten all year round but especially on celebratory days. Often a source of conjecture and argument between Australians and New Zealanders as to where it was first made but most likely it was conceived in New Zealand sometime in the early 1920’s. Its most often served with cream and fruits, kiwi fruit, berries or passionfruit, the acidity and sourness of the fruit complementing the sweetness of the meringue. 

One of the reasons I decided to make the Pavlova at the cafe is that it is fairly rare in Japan..Ive never come across it. When I started making it I was disappointed in the recipes I had come across. Measurements were fairly imprecise 3 eggs, 1 cup, etc which result it often unperfected results. So I came up with my own recipe using exact measurements weighed out in grams and a ratio between the amount of egg whites and sugar for flexibility of making any amount. At some later date I’ll write a blog going into more detail about my recipe. 

At the cafe we have 2 Pavlova based desserts. One is the pavlova cake topped with fresh cream, lemon custard, berries and kiwi fruit. The other is a Pavlova Parfait made with the crushed pavlova cake and layered with vanilla ice-cream, berries and berry sauce. The Parfait is available every day and the Pavlova cake is available from Friday to Sunday. 

Winter has arrived! TBWCafeベストシーズン到来です!!

Aaron Kemp

All yesterday and last night it snowed in Chitose and across Hokkaido. A very heavy snowfall of about 50cm. Its turned the cafe into a beautiful monochrome winter wonderland.  

The birds are abundant here in Winter due to the lack of food in the wild. They come to the cafe to snack on the various fruits and seeds we leave out everyday. 







TBWCafe staff in Baristart Coffee

Aaron Kemp

11/23カフェスタッフで、札幌のBaristart Caffee にてラテアートセミナーを受けて参りました!


私達もTBWCafeで皆さんに美味しくて可愛いラテを提供出来るよう日々練習していきます!お楽しみに♪( ´▽`)









Aaron Kemp

TBWCafeもだんだん冬支度 。。。





Aaron Kemp


Sighting of the male Goldcrest visiting the birdbath. Smallest bird in Japan about 10cm in length. 

"The goldcrest has a huge range in Eurasia, breeding from Macaronesia to Japan. It is common in middle and northern temperate and boreal latitudes of Europe, between the 13–24 °C (55–75 °F) July isotherms, and thus predominantly in cooler climates than the firecrest. Further east it occurs discontinuously through southern Siberia to Sakhalin and Japan, in the Tian Shan mountains, northern Iran, and from the Himalayas east to central China." WIKIPEDIA

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One Day Select shop

Ayuko Kemp

本日開催されたTBWCafe one day select shop たくさんのお客様にお越しいただき、誠にありがとうございました‼️

また、嶋田忠ネイチャーフォトギャラリーand The bird watching cafe ではホームページとブログを始めました!こちらも随所アップいたしますので、宜しくお願いします(*^^*)

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カケス - Eurasian jay Garrulus gladarius

Aaron Kemp

Garrulus gladarius  spotted about a week ago but wasn't able to get a photo of it until today. Still very shy so easily scared by even the slightest movement. As it move into winter we will see a lot more of these coming to the cafe. 

A member of the widespread jay group, and about the size of the Jackdaw, it inhabits mixed woodland, particularly with oaks, and is an habitual acorn hoarder. In recent years, the bird has begun to migrate into urban areas, possibly as a result of continued erosion of its woodland habitat.

Its usual call is the alarm call which is a harsh, rasping screech and is used upon sighting various predatory animals, but the Jay is well known for its mimicry, often sounding so like a different species that it is virtually impossible to distinguish its true identity unless the Jay is seen. It will even imitate the sound of the bird it is attacking, such as a Tawny Owl, which it does mercilessly if attacking during the day. However, the Jay is a potential prey item for owls at night and other birds of prey such as Goshawks and Peregrines during the day.

2015-10-12 at 15-14-22.jpg