A long time between posts. Winter is slowly coming to a close and we havent had as much snow as last year but in the last few weeks its been coming down again.  Over the last few weeks we have had a few new visitors including the Hawfinch which though few at the moment will increase in great numbers over the next month. 


Regarding food, the lunch menu has changed a little. As part of the lunch set we have introduced french fries and have dropped the soup. Fries are also available separately. We also have a winter special sandwich .. the hotdog hot sandwich... herb sausage with a sharp cheddar and sweet fried onion. 

Early this week I spotted one Dusty Thrush ツグミ。Again as we head into spring more of them should visit. 

One frequent visitor to the cafe, though not when people are around is a single Large Billed crow aka Jungle Crow, ハシブトガラス。These guys, though not a "popular" or "cute" bird in Japan interest me a lot due to their intelligence. They are the smartest birds, their brain to body mass ratio equal to great apes and only slightly lower than humans. This particular crow, wary of humans wont come while people are here. It's aware of me even when Im in the hide and supposedly camouflaged so I've only managed to get long shots of it. To me its as beautiful as any other bird even if it is regarded as somewhat of a pest here in Japan. 

Ive added a couple of favourite shots of other birds taken this week including the Brow eared Bulbul ヒヨドリ and great spotted woodpecker アカゲラ。