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Chitose-shi, Hokkaidō, 066-0068

0123 29 3410

The Bird Watching cafe is situated close to the Chitose river. From the cafe you can view the forest and all the birds and animals that live in the area. The cafe also has a purpose built bird hide from which you can photograph the animals at close range. 

We serve a variety of hot sandwiches and sweets with coffee, tea, cold drinks, beer and wine. 

Also housed in the same building is the Tadashi Shimada Nature photo gallery showcasing his work as a photographer of birds both locally in Hokkaido and other international works.


WED 10am -5pm 

THUR 10am -5pm

FRI 10am -5pm

SAT 10am -5pm

SUN 10am -5pm



Tadashi Shimada

Born in rural Saitama, Japan, Mr Shimada spent a lot of time photographing the wild birds in the forests of the Musashino area. After graduating from Nihon University in the field of Agricultural Veterinary Studies he contributed to the first edition of the wildlife magazine, “Anima”. Since then, with a focus on photographing and filming wild birds, Mr Shimada has been travelling the globe. In 1980 he moved to Chitose in Hokkaido, Japan. For 7 years from 1993 he filmed and produced the “Wild Moments” series for Asahi TV. Since 2000 he has been involved in the production of programs for NHK’s High Definition Nature Series. Recently he has made a return to photography, photographing Basilisk lizards,Birds of Paradise and other rainforest animals using digital cameras. In 2014 he opened his “Nature Photo Gallery” and “Bird Watching Cafe” in Chitose. 

Photographic Books:

“Kingfisher: Soaring Over the Clear Stream”, “Ruddy Kingfisher”, “The Flame of God”, “Birds: Wild Moments”, “Birds in Scenery”, “Living in the Forest”, “Birds of Lake Utonai”, “God of Darkness: The Blakiston Fish Owl”, “God of Night: The Blakiston Fish Owl”, “Northern Birds”, “Birds in Scenery: Waterside and Moors”, “The Basilisk”, “Frozen Bill: Crested Kingfisher” and others. 

Photographic and Cinematography Awards:

The Photographic Society of Japan: Newcomer Award, Yearly Award, Taiyou Award. IBA International Broadcasting Publicity Award. America International Film Festival’s Nature Gold Camera. Asia Inter-Television Broadcaster’s Nature Program Excellence Award and others. 


Japan Professional Photographers Society, The Photographic Society of Japan, Wild Bird Society of Japan, The Ornithological Society of Japan. Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds.